SMS to reach your target audience

Do you check your text message or SMS immediately when you receive it? Most of us do even when we are in a meeting, having a meal, taking the bus or even driving. In fact these days we are hearing “text me” more than “call me”. 

As users’ preference has changed, the channel for enterprises to reach your target audience has changed too. These days you receive the latest notification on your SMS from retailers on their sale items or you may receive SMS vouchers to try out and use certain services. The few words in a small screen on your mobile phones can be used effectively to reach your target audience.     

Pic for SMSOur Go!SMS, a web-based D-I-Y mobile messaging solution offers a simple CRM management system for our clients to reach out to existing and potential users. Our customers can easily type in the message and send it out by themselves. Whether you are a retailer who wants to inform your customers of the current promotion or you are a financial institution who wants to remind your customers of their payment or renewal date, we can help you with that. Go!SMS is built to help our clients reach their targeted audience.


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