A cool music portal to promote your music

Recently we developed a music portal for our client called 2crank which is essentially a portal for independent artist, bands, instrument players, deejays and composers to promote their music worldwide.

Rather than just a portal to promote your music, what differentiates 2crank from other service portal such as You Tube and Facebook is the ability for the musician to earn a fee for each download of their song.


This is how it works. If you are a recognized musician, you can upload your music at 2crank portal for just USD0.50 per upload. When a listener downloads an artiste’s music, part of the money goes to the artiste concerned.

For listeners who are looking for new and original music from independent artiste, you will find this portal to be appealing to you. All genres of music are accepted here and best of all, you get to listen to a free 60 seconds snippets of the music before you purchase it.

Another special feature of 2crank is it has a panel of professionals such as Fauzi Mauzuki, Roslan Aziz, Adnan Abu Hassan and Jenny Chin amongst others who will evaluate the songs to ensure the quality of the postings. You will also find the latest updates, promotions, events, news and even interviews with artiste such as Sorganina, Dazmelon and others.

To get started, you will need to register on 2crank. Right now, the first 5000 members will receive 1 USD free as a complimentary token of appreciation.

After signing up, you can then upload your songs or download a song using the 2crank Credit, the official 2crank Currency. You can easily choose to top up 2crank credit either through Paypal, credit cards or online banking. When a listener downloads your track, you will in turn receive 2crank Cash which can either be used to top up for more 2crank credit or be cashed out. It’s easy to use.

If you want something other than the usual chart-toping billboards music hits, you want to check out 2crank music portal. We like that it provides the platform for so many young aspiring musicians and producers to let their music be heard worldwide. To promote your music or to download a track, just go to http://2crank.com


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