An interesting SMS contest for credit card users

Last month Ambank launched a promotional campaign for its credit card that involves the use of SMS as the channel to submit their entries for a contest. Some of you may have heard about the Win Big contest or have even participated in the contest hoping to stand the chance to win the 32” Sharp LCD, Motorola W230 and Puma watch prizes. 

The mechanic to determine the winner for this contest is very interesting. First the participants must charge a minimum amount of RM1,000 and above in the month of participation. Then he or she has to be the fastest to SMS in their eligibility for the prizes between the 1st to 7th of the month following the promotion month.


If you are wondering whether you are eligible to enter the contest and want to know more about the terms and conditions, just log on to

To create awareness and attract more users to participate, Ambank uses mobizine to inform users of the contest. The mobizine which contains the contest information are distributed to the target users via the mobile phone. Because the message are delivered directly to your target users, they are more likely to read the message and to response to it. 

There are many innovative ways to utilize SMS to engage an audience. To run a contest using SMS, you will need a short code and keyword. If you want to run a successful contest using SMS, we can help you with that. Just contact us at


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