Green intiatives by going mobile

We have just released our November issue of our corporate newsletter. In this month issue we highlighted the use of Mobile Publication Platform for catalogues or print publication where it has proven to be an efficient way for our client to reach even wider segments of the market.

We are excited about the use of the mobile publishing platform not only due to its innovative ablility but also due to its green initiative. 

Businesses are increasingly looking into ways to adopt greener practices. We know that the concern by businesses when it comes to green practices has been that they cannot afford it. The good news is by going mobile you can take the step towards being more environmentally friendly and at the same time improve your bottom line. 

 Unlike print publication, once users read it, they can just easily delete mobile content without wastage. 

For the publisher, there is no need for printing, packaging, logistics and extra material cost. There are various ways we can do to play apart in helping to create an eco-friendly environment in our business activities. Let’s make the change today by choosing to go mobile.


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