Clean & Clear You Tube Travel Contest

Now there is a chance for you to win a dream holiday destination with your BFF worth RM4,000 from Clean & Clear. Utilizing the popular YouTube as the mode for entries, the contest is a fun yet innovative way to build the Clean & Clear brand awareness.

To participate, simply make a 30-second video of you and your BFF by acting or telling out your “dream holiday”. Just pretend that you are in Bali or Bangkok or any of your favorite destinations when you could just be right in your own bedroom, garden, etc.  Then upload your video on CNCJETSET channel in YouTube.

Next get your friends to vote for you. To vote your favorite video, just click on the rating. The video with the highest ratings will be selected as winner. Here’s a tip… be creative and go all out to capture your best video.

Other prizes include Canon Video Camera worth RM1, 499, Sony E Series Walkman MP4 Players worth RM299 and HP Mini netbook. There are weekly prizes of Clean & Clear travel essentials too.

The contest is open now on from December 15, 2009 till March 1, 2010. So what are you waiting for? Get your video camera ready. For more details, go to


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