Coke makes your wishes come true

This year, Coca-cola released yet another interesting Chinese New Year campaign that effectively incorporates the use of mobile in the contest participation. Themed “Wishes come true”, Coke is out to grant your Chinese New Year wish in the closest extent possible if your wish is selected as one of the grand prize winner.

Here is how you can win. You will need to purchase the specially marked Coke or Sprite in 1.5 litre or 500ml bottle or Coke in 24-can / Sprite in 12-can multipack. Under the bottle cap or card inside the multipack carton, there are a set of alphanumeric unique code. Send the code together with your wish with the description for: “I would like to share my wish with….” in not more than 125 characters to 33011.

Remember to keep your wishes meaningful, sincere and relevant. The wishes of 8 lucky winners will be fulfilled in the closet extent possible up to RM8,000 each in value. Apart from this 300 winners will also get the chance to win cash of RM300 each.

So hurry! The closing date to have your wish granted ends on 28 Feb 2010. For more info, please go to


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