An Online Redemption Service for Pulse Group

Are you tired of receiving another mug or plate that you don’t need? When was the last time you remember to use the coupon which you have redeemed? Isn’t it better to have virtual premium such as songs, ring tones, true tones, graphics, wall papers and mobile games that are available for download instantly. We think that this technology is brilliant in boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction while also builds the brand name as well.

In our partnership with Pulse Group, we are able to bring virtual premium redemption possible for Pulse Group members through the domain.  If you are a member of Pulse Group, you will already have points which you have accumulated from participating in surveys. With our collaboration, members can easily redeem their points for premiums virtually at and even send the premiums as gifts to friends as well.

We are glad to bring this new technology to users. Save yourself the trouble of logistics and switch to virtual premium. Your customers will appreciate the fast and convenient way to redeem their reward.

For more information, please go to


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