New MNC website with social features

It has been several years since we have given our corporate website a major upgrading and last month we finally revealed our newly revamped website at

Apart from a new look, the new website is more user friendly and features easier navigation that is packed with more information. We have paid particular attention to enhancing our products and services page to let visitors know what we do.

On the homepage, visitors can easily locate our services information in the revolving menu. It consists of comprehensive information on all our mobile and digital marketing services. Featured news are also updated on the home page.

Aside from providing quick links to our featured products, we included a search box, RSS feed and online enquiry form function so that visitors can easily stay connected with us.

We have also worked to make the website more compatible with other social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter. Our official MNC Wireless page on Facebook has more than 160 followers and is still growing.

Be sure to check out our latest updates in news clippings, press releases and newsletter subscription. The website is consistently updated so that visitors are able to receive current and up to date information. Do explore some of the new features and let us know what you think.


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