Participate in Coke SMS contest

Want to win some cool Coke merchandise? Here is how you can do so in Coke’s Refresh your Raya celebration contest. Currently running until 30 Sep 2010, all you have to do is follow these few simple steps.

First, purchase 3 bottles of 1.5L of Coca-cola in original, vanilla or Sprite. Under the bottle cap you will find a set of 8 digit unique codes. Just SMS all the 3 unique codes, your IC number and answer to the question, “Name one participating brand behind the “Minum, Menang dan Segarkan Aidilfitri promotion” and send your entry to 33660.

It’s that simple and you can win Coke bottle shaped ice-cubes, Coke coasters and Coke drink stirrers. Subsequent winners also get to win 25% discount vouchers from Tupperware.

Coke has been an avid user of mobile channel in their marketing campaign to promote its product. This unique contest by Coke was held to drive the sales of the 1.5 litre bottle of Coke in conjunction with the Raya celebration. Given the high mobile penetration rate, the use of SMS as the mode of contest entry is an effective way to drive users’ interest in the contest.

Details on the Coco-cola mobile contest is available at


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