An application that helps to enhance children’s learning skill

If you are a parent, you will know that parents these days have to constantly look for new resources to stimulate children learning development. In today’s technology-rich world, the use of mobile devices has created a whole new way to learn, bond and engage with children. One such mobile device is the Apple iPad which has had not only the young but the old rushing to get their hands on one.

At MNC, we believe that iPad can be a great tool for learning and creativity. Hence our My Genius Maker series of applications focuses on enhancing children’s learning skills through the use of rich media content starting with the Old MacDonald’s Farm Fun app for the iPad users. At My Genius Maker, we believe that learning should be fun. Once learning is built into a fun game, children will develop a natural motivation to learn more. Children’s ability to memorize and absorb knowledge is amazing once their minds are stimulated.

Our Old MacDonald’s Farm Fun is the first learning tool in the My Genius Maker series that teaches about farm animals. Designed for parents and children to use together for either learning or bonding ability, Farm Fun app is a great tool for learning, that help children to explore different words, animals, sounds, colors, etc in a funny and exciting way. There are a total of 14 farm animals that are featured in the application. By utilizing the images of real animals, we are making the learning experience fun and original!

The iPad will revolutionize your child’s learning experience. Who knows, maybe in the future, the iPad will be able to replace the textbook in the education setting. Not only will it eliminate the need to carry heavy textbooks but students can even make notes and use the iPad as a presentation tool. Whether this really happens, there is definitely going to be more new ways in using iPad to enhance learning ability.

Our Old MacDonald’s Fun Farm app is available at Apps Store today. For our Smartphone apps, go to


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