What is Music Marketing?

By Jaan Hao


We talked a lot about our Music Marketing in the past and I just realized that most of you don’t really understand it, yet.

In the normal context, most people will refer to Music Marketing as promotion and selling of music assets such as songs and concerts. As we are hardly normal, our version of Music Marketing refers to the utilization of music assets by brands to create contextual relevancy and emotional appeal to its target audience for advertising, marketing sales and even loyalty activities. This is nothing new really as the concept of Music Marketing has always been masked as Music Sponsorships for concerts or album launches. Then there are also Artiste Endorsements where the artistes don’t come with the music and separate costs need to be paid for the artiste as well as the rights to use the songs. In a way both are subsets of Music Marketing, which frankly is a term I rather got used to.

The background of the story is that we at mnc:playlab love music a lot and since we also love great user experience, we believe that music should be available anytime, anywhere. I mean music not in CD form or even MP3 downloads, but as in millions of songs that can be organized to your own liking and at your fingertips as and when you want it, where you can play them on your PC, your phone, your car and your Hifi system. No need for downloads and no need to keep bulky CDs. It’s simply music in the “cloud”. And I mean any music, from the most popular to the most obscure.

We know that many people will love this experience as much as we do. It’s something very empowering and there’s no turning back once you have experienced it.

For something so powerful and lifestyle changing, we thought it will be great if brands can also ride on this platform while giving the option for their customers to enjoy music for free in return for their engagement or loyalty to the brand. Of course we can work out the subsets of music marketing which I mentioned earlier such as artiste associations, concerts, meet and greets to downright incorporation into ATLs, BTLs and even product packaging. But ultimately it’s the users’ experience of music consumption that matters and we expect that consumers are willing to pay for this service.

So that’s how we got started with Music Marketing.

While our people at mnc:playlab are tinkering away to give the best music experience, I thought it’s best to start a crowd sourcing activity and get the world out there to suggest a better term than Music Marketing if any.

Do share your ideas and opinions here:-


There is more to come as we travel the path to delivering music nirvana. Watch this space.



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