It’s all about being Social

This is basically what Dave Yang of Facebook was conveying at his presentation to a crowded room at Black Box when he was here last week. Among those in the crowd are a bunch of marketers, social media practitioner and business owners who are either currently managing a Facebook account for their business or is planning to start one.

Organised by Publika as part of their Creative Retail Talk series, the Facebook for Marketing talk reaffirms the fact that social media is a crucial medium to integrate and build two way communication with your consumers. Everyone now knows this but not everyone knows how to effective make use of social media to amplify their brand.

Thanks to Facebook who currently has approximately 10.8 million users in Malaysia alone and more than 500 million users globally, facebook is an excellent channel for you to integrate it into your marketing plan to achieve word of mouth marketing. It all depends on what is your brand initiative and what you want to achieve.

Our latest social media marketing initiatives for our client, Wrigley was to drive their online social network and participation for its 5 Gum line Facebook fan page. What we did was we created a online social game where users are required to answer riddles and spot hidden objects in different locations.

After only about four weeks since the launch of the game, we recorded an exponential increase in the online traffic from both new registered users and the amount of users who have played the game online. This is an exceptional achievement for Wrigley and proves the effectiveness in using online game to increase the number of connections in their social network.

Whether or not you are a fan of online social games, it is hard to ignore the marketing power behind social gaming. If you are struggling to discover the best way to begin social media marketing efforts, contact us for a consultation today.


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