Selecting the right channels for Social Media Marketing

Recently, we were privileged to be invited as a speaker and panellist at the Marketing & Branding conference organised by Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM). This year, the topic in discussion was on Social Media Marketing and our Leonard Lee and Choy Wai Hun shared with the audience their thoughts and expertise for businesses to embark on social media marketing for their business.

Most of the audience there already know that they should make use of social media for marketing. The issue is not whether they should go into it but rather how? Some companies are already making a presence successfully on Facebook or Twitter and are already using these channels to reach out to their target audience with great success.

For those who are novel to all these fiasco, they are most likely thinking about which channel should they use and how should they start. The answer to this is simply to go where your customers are, use what your customers are using. If your customers are on Facebook, then start off there and if they are on Twitter, start off there. If you don’t know where they are, just start with one and add on another when you get the hang of it.

Few years ago, MNC Wireless had a conventional corporate website just like how most of the corporate website is like out there. It has very corporate style, filled with lengthy write-up and standardise photos from the image bank. Today we have added our Twitter feeds and Facebook page links in there. We have also started a corporate blog called Digital and Mobile Playlab in WordPress which you are reading from here. Every month, we will also issue our monthly E-newsletter on the latest updates and where our CEO contributes his thoughts with the readers.

There are just some of the changes that we have taken. The followers and activities on these social channels may not be as fantastic as we have envisioned but it’s a good start. We all want the ultimate engagement where users not only buy your products but recommend it to their friends. For this, we have to first get them to visit us, “like” us and comment something about us. After all, social media involves an extended period of courtship and discovery leading to commitment and loyalty.


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