Our first corporate video

When we head out to make our in-house corporate video, our intention was to bring our corporate brand story to life, tell stories and ignite conversations. In doing so, we got our very own staff to tell about their opinions and experiences on screen. What better way to tell the story than to use real life experiences. There was no script involved just spontaneous conversations based on a few key messages.

In the first installment, we featured what the Company is doing and what MNC Playlab is all about. The CEO gave a good introduction about MNC Wireless, followed by the ideas and opinions from other management from Music Department to Business Development and even Design Team.

If you asked me, for a first attempt at making our own in-house video, it was quite a production considering we are not using the services from any professional production house. It is important to keep it light and enjoy the whole experience. We certainly learned some valuable tips about the use of the proper lighting and voice over. We are still learning how to get a video successfully embedded into our blog. Nevertheless here are some behind-the-scenes photos when we were shooting the first installment in one of our meeting rooms.

Do tune in to catch the short video at the link here and let us know what you think of it. Our plan is to have a continuous video feed with new video added every month. Different feature topics are planned for the next few months just to keep the hype up. Our next instalment will be coming soon.


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