MNC Wireless launches new responsive website

Here are some cool features of our newly launched website:

1. It’s responsive-based – meaning it’s compatible on all mobile devices. You don’t have to scroll left or right, or zoom in and out in order to read the site.

2. The look is based on clean, clear and modern look and feel.

3. The content has been streamlined so visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

4. We’ve included extensive product information in an easy to read manner to help visitors understand the range of digital and mobile solutions services that we offer.

5. Our latest projects are well-showcased in ‘Our Work’ section for visitors to check out our past projects.

6. There is a section for visitors to send in their sales enquiries and our personnel will be in touch with them within 24 hours.

7. Visitors can easily subscribe to our mailing list to receive our latest updates via our monthly newsletter.

8. Our site will be updated on a regular basis with the latest news, product launches, job opportunities, announcement and other new content.

Check out our new website at


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