Experience the wonders of Malaysia with ShareMY


Using our Content Scraping Engine, ShareMY portal is bringing tourists and commuters alike an extensive library, rich with information and experiences on everything Malaysian. All on a single platform and website, we are giving the users the ability to learn, share and love the cultural treasures of an ethnically diverse nation.

If you’re planning a visit, this unique hub will serve as a perfect guide for you to fully appreciate all the beautiful Malaysia has to offer. With total convenience, filter through thousands of different experiences on adventure, shopping, culture, food, and beaches all on one page.

With our content scraping engine, our backend software acquires media contents from various websites to be populated into the tourism portal. Basically it brings everything from around the web and tags it all in one place!

Visit http://www.sharemalaysia.my/ and experience the wonders of Malaysia!


MNC Wireless launches new responsive website

Here are some cool features of our newly launched website:

1. It’s responsive-based – meaning it’s compatible on all mobile devices. You don’t have to scroll left or right, or zoom in and out in order to read the site.

2. The look is based on clean, clear and modern look and feel.

3. The content has been streamlined so visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

4. We’ve included extensive product information in an easy to read manner to help visitors understand the range of digital and mobile solutions services that we offer.

5. Our latest projects are well-showcased in ‘Our Work’ section for visitors to check out our past projects.

6. There is a section for visitors to send in their sales enquiries and our personnel will be in touch with them within 24 hours.

7. Visitors can easily subscribe to our mailing list to receive our latest updates via our monthly newsletter.

8. Our site will be updated on a regular basis with the latest news, product launches, job opportunities, announcement and other new content.

Check out our new website at http://www.mnc.com.my.

Why Responsive Web is essential for your business

Mobiles and tablets are rapidly changing the way we find products and services on the web. As a result, the traditional approach of having both a desktop and mobile version of your website is no longer an effective solution for your business.

In our June issue of The Digital Buzz by MNC Wireless Berhad, we speak to our Head of Creative Content & Strategy, Raymund Rajen on why responsive web is the way to go for businesses today and here is what we found out:

ImageRaymund Rajen, Head of Creative Content & Strategy

1. What is a Responsive Website?
It is a website built in a particular way to adapt its look & feel to provide users the best viewing experience, be it on a smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop.

2. Should you go Responsive?
YES. Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, you need to have a user-friendly site that meets prospects where they are. Whether they’re on their iPhone in the toilet, on the train, or at home with a tablet, you want to capture their attention.

3. Why do a Responsive Website?
Endless possibilities. You improve Search Engine Visibility, with a designated column. Easier browsing which in return can lead to increase in sales and conversions. You save on time and money plus all your information is streamlined into one communication channel. Your user-friendly site allows people to be connected no matter what platform.

4. Where do I start?
You’re in luck! We’re experts when it comes to Responsive Websites! Just drop us a line and let’s get working and see what we can do to help your business! Contact us @ info@mnc.com.my

Latest and Coolest audio gear on WOWLOUD store

First we have a webstore that carries the very latest and coolest audio gears in town. Soon we will be having our very own retail shop right here at the fourth floor of our office tower.

The WOWLOUD store is the latest addition to the WOWLOUD brand lifestyle. We have top headphones brands such as Senheiser, Audio Technica, Fanny Wang and Beats for all you music enthusiasts out there.

Here are some of the cool audio gears that you can find in our store.


Our goods in stock

Some of our latest audio gear

All these cool headphones are available at our Webstore at http://webstore.wowloud.com/

Pre-listening of Adam Lambert’s album ‘Trespassing’ on WOWLOUD


At the strike of midnight this morning, Adam Lambert’s highly anticipated second album ‘TRESPASSING’ was released on WOWLOUD, Malaysia’s first and only online music streaming service. As part the collaboration with Sony Music Malaysia, WOWLOUD members are given the privilege to listen to the full album exclusively on WOWLOUD ahead of the album release. The album will be officially released in Malaysia on 15th May 2012. Fans of Adam Lambert should not missed this chance to catch their idol’s latest album. Check out the album here.

In conjunction with the debut of the album, WOWLOUD will be offering its members a chance to win a free upgrade to the WOWLOUD Premium Plus account. In order to enjoy the free upgrade, all users have to do is to sign up for a WOWLOUD Free account and listen to the Adam Lambert’s album ‘TRESPASSING’ between 9th May 2012 to 15th May 2012. Members will automatically be eligible to enter a draw to win the free upgrade for every stream. This offer is open to WOWLOUD member only. To be a WOWLOUD member, all you have to do is sign up for a free account at www.wowloud.com.

WOWLOUD giving away a pair of Beats Solo headphones

Do you often wish you could own a pair of the super awesome Beats Solo headphones? WOWLOUD is now giving you this chance with the WOW Fans Beats Giveaway happening on Facebook. From now until 23rd May 2012, just invite your friends to sign-up for a WOWLOUD account and you stand a chance to win a Beats headphone. Of course, you need to be a WOWLOUD member first to invite your friends.

Did we mention that signing up for a WOWLOUD account is Free? Yes and once you sign up, you can enjoy millions of songs on WOWLOUD for Free. It’s so simple. What are you waiting for? Take part in our Beats Solo headphone contest now at www.facebook.com/wowloud now.