WOWLOUD available on Smart TV too


In a move to make WOWLOUD accessible on more platforms, WOWLOUD is now available on the Smart TVs starting with the LG Smart TV range. This means, not only can you get unlimited music from your laptop and smart phone, you can now just switch on your TV and enjoy high quality music from the WOWLOUD catalogue for FREE. That’s right!

What are the special features?

  • You can search for any songs or artistes of your choice easily from the Search feature on the app
  • You can also create playlists of songs according to your mood and play the songs whenever you want to.
  • There are songs from various genres from the latest Pop/Rock to Jazz, Classical, R&B, etc and in different languages.

There are songs to appeal to everyone.

How can you access this? It’s simple.

  1. First visit (The app is available under HOT APPS)
  2. Sign up for a WOWLOUD account at
  3. Log in with your verified email and password
  4. That’s it. You can now enjoy great music on WOWLOUD from your TV



WOWLOUD Focus Group Session

Last week we conducted a focus group session for our WOWLOUD music service with a group of youngster aged from approximately 12 to 28 years old. Held in our office on a Saturday morning, we have a fruitful day and received some useful feedbacks and comments from the participants. Thanks to those who have participated.

We will be conducting more focus group session in the coming months to gather more feedback from the users. If anyone of you is interested to participate in the focus group, do drop us a line here. If you have yet to register for a WOWLOUD account, you can do so at

For those who have already been using our WOWLOUD player,you would realized that we have been continuously adding new features into the player. Some of the recent ones are chat service, click to launch service and buying of WOWLOUD voucher. Do go to our website to find out more.

Social Media Currency

 By Chung Jaan Hao, CEO

It has barely been a month since we launched WOWLOUD and the number of positive comments about the service has been overwhelming. Nothing gives me more joy than knowing that real users out there are truly appreciative of what we do. Not resting on our laurels we do expect to introduce more groundbreaking features and content to take the whole experience to another new level.

One of the key reasons for creation of WOWLOUD as mentioned before was due to the imminent shift in how consumers would access content in an increasingly mobile and wired world, and music was one of those things that will be at the forefront when the really large shifts occur. Think social media just 3 years back and if you were one of the skeptics back then, I really do hope that by now you are fully converted and have learned to adopt it in your marketing and advertising work.

There were of course other reasons for WOWLOUD and the other key reasons are the creation of a media and social media currency platform. Media is pretty straight forward so I am just going to talk a bit about what I mean by social media currency.

For the uninitiated, “social media currency” refers to the value exchange that takes place within the social media environment. Just like in the real world where people create value through products and services, social media value is created on mass scale daily through the content and conversations that take place within those social media communities. Yes, people are the social media and advertisers and marketers just really want to “buy” their time and attention, which hopefully leads to real world sales. What advertisers and marketers use to “buy” people’s time and attention is the “social media currency”.

The days of one-way advertising is not going to last forever and will be replaced by something much more complex where advertising, marketing, sales, loyalty and customer service are going to be mashed up and mangled together. Companies will find a need to re-learn and re-train their staff to go head on with the exciting times ahead. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, it’s difficult to get consumers to tweet good things about you or your product, but one thing certain is that they can surely “tweet you to hell” the minute something screws up. We can chose to ignore it and sweep it under the carpet, but it is always going to be there and if something really catches on, you might suddenly find yourself in a major public relations dilemma. I am not exaggerating as things like this has happened before and will happen again in the future.

The best way to for companies to move forward is to re-organize themselves into socially engaging entities with continuous investment into creating social media value. Most times it is the social media value creation part that falters for most companies as they struggle to create sustained and continuous valuable social media exchanges with their targets.

So what’s valuable to the social media audience? I would say conversations and content.

Create valuable conversations with your audience through regular engagements, good or bad. Be open about discussing and answering questions about your products and services. Be ready to handle criticisms and complaints in an open and fair manner. Be socially media active and create opportunities and content to engage with your target audience.

Never get confused between the difference of “announcing” your products and creating the platform for valuable exchange. Announcing your product within the social media platform by itself is a one way engagement which only creates value for the announcer. This does not work well in the new order of social media economy.

Content whether user generated or branded, is a key social media currency. It is the most tangible thing that you can use to “pay” your social media audience. You can create valuable information, create contests or even give your audience free WOWLOUD accounts for engaging with you. Whatever it is, without the right content, it is difficult to sustain long-term social media engagements.

Music is extremely versatile and can cater to virtually any target audience, and everyone loves free and guilt-free music. With this in mind, WOWLOUD was created and designed to be used as a social media currency through free unlimited music content based on a superior end user experience. In other words, the user experience of WOWLOUD has to be good to the point where there is a clear tangible value for users which translates in social media value.

At the same time WOWLOUD also has to be able to integrate seamlessly into brand campaigns to create the ultimate user experience from a brand advertiser’s perspective. It has to allow creative room for long term brand engagements over social media with added opportunities to bundle real world experiences and association with music, well known artistes and entertainment.

WOWLOUD will continue to be refined and updated rigorously and new ideas anchored around the concept of social media currency will continue to emerge and mature over time. We look forward to share our future successes with our readers. In the meantime do contact us if you wish to contribute new creative ideas on what we can do with WOWLOUD.

The launched of WOWLOUD at Publika Square

On 13 October 2011, we finally launched WOWLOUD. To celebrate the launch, we organised a party at Publika Square on 13 October 2011, Solaris Dutamas for our guests. A big thank you to those who have attended. We also would like to thank all the artistes who performed that night.

For those who have missed it, we had performances from our home grown musicians as well as from some of the favourite indie acts. Malaysia’s acoustic guitar maestro, Az Samad gave a thundering guitar solo for the opening act, while other performances for the night include Soo Wincci, Aliff Satar, Awi Rafael, Wana, Cindy Chen, Aura 21, IQA, Chomel Fana, Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob, Ahmad Ahmad and Gabba Gabba. Guests were also treated with the world debut of the clip of the popular pop group, Foster The People which was recorded during their tour in America.

Az Samad

Awi Rafael at the launch of WOWLOUD


The launch party, emceed by Hitz Party Show radio, DJ Jin, was officially launched by our CEO, Mr Chung Jaan Hao together with the Chairman of MNC, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Kadir Bin Fadzir, Non Executive Director of MNC, Datuk Vincent Lee Fook Long and by the representatives from all four major music labels in Malaysia (Universal Music Malaysia, Sony Music Malaysia, Warner Music Malaysia & One Stop Music Sdn Bhd).

The official launch of WOWLOUD

Everyone who had attended that night received an immediate access to WOWLOUD via the instant access card. With this express pass, users do not have to wait for an invitation to the WOWLOUD Free account and were given the opportunity to be the first to experience the WOWLOUD player.

For those who do not know what WOWLOUD is, it is the next mega trend in the way you listen to music. Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, WOWLOUD gives you instant access to one of the biggest collection of music that you ever need. There is no need to download, transfer and store any music anymore. Best of all it’s available to you for FREE.

So, how can you get access to WOWLOUD? WOWLOUD is by invitation only. You need an invitation to access WOWLOUD. To be in the running to receive the exclusive invitation, you may sign up now at Invites are limited, so act now.

For the WOWLOUD Premium version, we are offering an introductory promotional prize of just RM9.90 per month for the subscription to WOWLOUD Premium and unlimited streaming access without the 20 hour per month cap for WOWLOUD Free for a limited time only.  Please go to our website for more information.

WOWLOUD is truly the future of music.

The birth of a new star – WOWLOUD

by Chung Jaan Hao, CEO of MNC Wireless Berhad

In a matter of weeks we will be celebrating the birth of WOWLOUD, a cloud music service that will forever change how music is discovered and enjoyed in this country.

My fascination with cloud music began a little more than 12 months ago when I was moving heaps of CDs around the house due to a little flooding mishap in my house. I had no idea that I had accumulated so many CDs in my lifetime until that point of time. I still buy the occasional (audiophile) CDs even though I have started downloading MP3 like what most people do, I suddenly felt “outdated” and even “pre-historic” as I stared down on the boxes of CDs which I had to move in order to make way for my flooring renovation.

What is the ultimate music experience? For me it’s being able to discover and have access to all music in this world at an instant, while having the ability to carry all that music everywhere I go whether to my AV room or to my car. I am not a true audiophile but I do enjoy high fidelity music on a fairly good set of hifi system, so high quality recordings are a must.


Would I pay money for it? It would depend on what I am getting, but if something comes along that is able to meet my musical demands I wouldn’t mind paying. Of course if I could sample songs for free first that would be a real winner for me. But ultimately I would only pay for an experience which is unattainable from buying CDs or downloading MP3s.

Thinking caps were put on that the moment and a quick tour to the Stockholm, the birthplace of cloud music in Europe during a chilling -20 degree celcius winter unleashed my strong desires to make cloud music a possibility in this part of the world. I wanted to make something meaningful and something that would really have a positive impact on people’s lives. After all music is a very powerful medium.

Some people told me that we couldn’t do it. Some people said it will never work. But the 12 months of transformation of MNC Wireless under the banner of MNC:Playlab before that paid off. We were able to put together a crack team and while even our own people had their doubts, we pushed forward to the point where technologically there wasn’t really much that felt we couldn’t do. The feeling of being to walk among giants was overwhelming and intoxicating.

It was a long way getting here and we had our usual office dramas and issues with partners that we had to endure. Finding the right people for the right job was daunting but the core members of WOWLOUD pulled through and delivered. We are witnessing the birth of a music experience that is in tune with the progress of internet, our lifestyles and our devices. We are now finally knocking on the gates to rockstardom. And I realize that we are just scratching the surface of bigger things to come.

WOWLOUD, the first cloud music service in Asia will be made available to Malaysians for free in the coming weeks. Access to the service is by invitation only so please register your interest to receive an invitation to experience WOWLOUD at

Meanwhile in a cold and dry ex-bomb shelter in an undisclosed location Stockholm, another team of MNC-ians are coding away as if it’s a “hack-a-thone” fest. Feeding on a steady diet of smelly herring their brains are working overtime as Lars which we shall call the “CTO” for now whips them and shouts “FASTER! FASTER!”. What sinister plot could be brewing and what is a bunch of MNC-ians coders doing in the Nordics. More to come.

WOWLOUD bringing you music anytime, anywhere

Some of you may have heard about the new music service called WOWLOUD that MNC Wireless is launching soon. For those who have not, this is going to be the next mega trend in the way you listen to music.

What exactly is WOWLOUD? To sum it up, it’s like having a multi storey CD store in your PC. With access to millions of music tracks, you can play anything and everything you want on demand. There is no need to download, transfer and store any music anymore. Best of all it’s available to you for FREE.

So, how can you get access to WOWLOUD? WOWLOUD is by invitation only. Users need an invitation to access WOWLOUD. To be in the running to receive the exclusive invitation, users may sign up now at Invites are limited, so act now.

This is truly the future of music.